older woman

Tips to Beat Age Discrimination in Your Job Search

While age discrimination can hurt the job and career prospects of older adults, there are steps they…

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When is it a good time to leave a job off your resume?

It could be the right thing to do if it is a much older position or a…

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Being proactive instead of reactive will help you be more successful. Merriam Webster defines proactive as controlling…

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Here are four ideas that can help you revise your resume to attract more potential employers:

1. Commit to regular updates Some professionals choose to revise their resume monthly or every time they…

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Four Actions Verbs that Should Be Part of Your Resume

One of the best ways that you can make the content of your resume come alive is…

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5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn

1. A Good Way to Network LinkedIn can help you build a virtual network of contacts. While…

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