Here are four ideas that can help you revise your resume to attract more potential employers:

1. Commit to regular updates

Some professionals choose to revise their resume monthly or every time they achieve something important at work. Others wait six months to a year to make changes. As long as you plan to periodically check and update your resume, you’ll have an easier time getting ready for new jobs as you find them.

2. Create multiple versions

For professionals with multiple skill sets and areas of expertise, it can be beneficial to create separate resumes for each competency. You may also want to create a resume that briefly combines two or more areas of skill. Use each one interchangeably, depending on the job you want. If the job requires you to use multiple skill areas, use a combined resume. Otherwise, you can select the specific resume that best fits the skills needed for that position.

3. Refresh the style

If you haven’t updated your resume in a while, you may also need to redo the visual design of the file. Resume styles change to reflect business and social trends. Your resume may prove more attractive to prospective employers if the format looks current instead of dated.

A resume update may be as simple as refreshing the font and layout of each section. Simple graphic design elements can help update the look of your information. If you’re wondering how to redo your resume in a more current style, look at samples of what other professionals are using. You can also find plenty of templates and resources for professional resume styles.

4. Look for ways to be unique

Find ways to make your resume stand out and show your individuality in a professional way. You can do this through creative word choice and adding details that give an insight into your personality and interests. A technique some professionals use on a resume is to create a personal headline or introduction statement that summarizes their skill set and gives a brief insight into who they are.

You could use a phrase like this at the top of your resume:

*Example: Graphic designer and visual artist seeks workplace that values creative thinking.*